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Items for Underwriting

Loan Types

Items Needed for Underwriting

Items Needed for 24-Hour Underwriting

Loan Application
Signed most recent year tax return
Summary of work to be completed (if applicable)
2 months most recent bank statements
2 most recent pay stubs (if applicable)
Rent rolls and copies of all rental agreements (if applicable)
Form 4506-T
Personal Financial Statement (We will provide form)
Borrowers Credit Authorization form (We will provide form)
Additional Items Needed to Close

Title Policy (obtained by borrower’s attorney) insuring marketable title
Signed purchase & sales agreement
Hazard insurance binder
Current year property tax statement showing taxes paid in full through closing
Appraisal (obtained by us paid by borrower)
Borrower’s counsel’s opinion letter
Voided check to set up ACH payments
If the Borrower is a Corporation/LLC/Partnership/Trust

Articles of Incorporation/Organization
Corporate / LLC resolution authorizing the loan, and the officer(s) authorized to execute the loan documents
Corporate bylaws or LLC Operating Agreement (resolution required)
Certificate of Legal Existence
Copies of Partnership / Trust Agreement

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