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MetroCity CannaCapital has partnered with a Company which just launched a proprietary
strategy to help canna-businesses legally, legitimately, and ethically gain use of their LEGACY CASH
reserves. The term 'legacy cash', may or may not be recognized by all, but here's a brief outline.

Thousands of legally operated canna-businesses are sitting on large cash reserves (legacy cash)
obtained from legal Canna-business sales.  Due to banking restrictions and federal laws these
companies often don't have an option to secure this cash in a bank, and they can’t substantiate the
revenues federally.  They are stuck holding this legacy cash, and aren’t sure how to utilize it. We have
personally verified with industry insiders, and they have confirmed this is a real challenge for many
Canna-businesses in the USA.  


We can now monetize this legacy cash for Canna-businesses through a legal, legitimate, ethical,
securities regulated financial institution in the USA. This strategy will provide access to the legacy
cash for these companies through a traditional banking solution strategy.

Producers/Growers and Dispensaries are prime legacy cash holders. The longer they have been in
business the more likely they have a significant reserve of this 'in-limbo' legacy cash they can't utilize.

The process can be completed in 30 days or less, depending how quickly the legacy cash holder
responds to the few required steps, including providing physical proof of their legacy cash funds
that were obtained legally through their Canna-business. A minimum of 10 million in legacy cash
is required.

There is no cost to anybody, and no funds are moved until all parties are fully briefed, understand the
opportunity, and agree to move forward with the process, or cease discussions.

This is a very specific, structured, yet simple process. All steps must be carried out as designed to ensure
the integrity of this proprietary strategy, with no exceptions.  

This is a tremendous opportunity for all parties in the process to win. We can all have our cake and eat
it too, and solve a significant problem for many Canna-businesses that are burdened with ‘legacy cash’.

If you are interested in discussing this opportunity further, please sign the attached MCCG NDA
and return.

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