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Loan   Worksheet
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Operating Company/Business                                    Attn: Vendon McLeod

Briefly describe what the borrowing company does:

How much capital is being requested?

Breakdown the use of the loan proceeds:

City/Town, State where borrowing company is located? _______________________

Year Company Began _____________

Personal Credit Scores of Principal(s) ______   ______   ______

Total Accounts Receivable Now $___________________________________

Accounts Receivable over 90 days old $_______________________________

Total Accounts Payable over 90 days old $_____________________________

Approximately how much are you billing per month $____________________

Loan Worksheet                                       Page 2 of 3

Operating Company

Credit terms extended (30 days etc.) ________________________________

Is the business seasonal? _________________________________________

What % of sales are performed under contract with progress billing? _______

Are there any tax delinquencies?  Yes_______  No_______

What % of customer base is outside U.S.? _______

Does any customer account for more than 25% of A/R? ________________

What is current company net worth $________________________________

Estimate the liquidation value of inventory excluding work in progress

Estimate the liquidation value of equipment
(Note- furniture and telephone/computer equipment is not acceptable collateral)

If equipment has been appraised, for how much and when? $______________

As of ______________ What type appraisal: FMV, OLV OR FLV?________

Appraised/estimated value of business owned Real Estate $_______________

Estimated value of any other business assets $_________________________

Total secured debt (including mortgage) against company now $ _________________

Monthly payment now on secured debt? _______ Are payments current? _______

2016 Revenue $ __________________ 2016 net income $ ___________________

2015 Revenue $ __________________ 2015 net income $ ___________________

2014 Revenue $ __________________ 2014 net income $ ___________________

Loan Worksheet                                        Page 3 of 3
Operating Company

This Years Projected Sales Volume $_________________________________

Amount of backlogged orders now $ _________________________________

Is company currently making money?  Yes_______   No_______

If making for how many consecutive months? ____________

Does company have accountant prepared financial statements? ___________________

If so, on what date does the accounting year end? ________________

What type statements (audited, reviewed, compiled) _______________________

Who does company typically sell to? ________________________________________

Additional Comments, if any:


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